Santa’s Blog

If your kids are wondering what’s going on in the lead-up to Christmas, you should see what the jolly ol’ fellow has to say for himself. Here, he writes about a recent (past few days) bout with illness.

I have been virtually out of commission the past few days. It started with a couple of days of headaches that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Then the stomach problems (don’t ask for details). Then that aching, weak feeling you get in your legs when your fever spikes. Then chills. I was able to push through until yesterday. I worked from home… from bed, actually… all day yesterday. I even teleconferenced into the staff meeting just across the village square at HQ yesterday. After thinking about it some more, I am pretty sure I caught it from Billy (read my Nov 27th post). Thank goodness I have Mrs. Claus & Jingle to keep this place running!

Thankfully, he’s feeling much better now. (via Neatorama)

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