Pure joy for only $6.99?

This is another of the occasional “this funny [whatever] was sent to me by a cow-orker, so I’m posting it” posts I put up.


Get a screaming, flying, fake (as opposed to living), fuzzy slingshot monkey for only $6.99 (plus shipping, of course, and maybe tax, depending on where you live). Utterly useless and stupid, but funny enough for me to want one. At $6.99, I thought about just ordering one, but I’m trying to stop the impulsive buying garbage I’ve done too often in the past.

What do you get when you cross a slingshot with a monkey?

Well, if it’s a real monkey, you probably get a dead monkey. But if it’s a toy monkey, you get this amazing new invention.

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Shocking story of the day

Thanks again to former cow-orker and sometimes commentor TimG for this story headline:

PlayStation 3 Sales Drop Sharply On Low Supply

Apparently, in the days following the PS3 launch, sales of the console dropped as available supply in stores went down. I guess sometimes those economists realllllly earn their pay. It is doubtful that any of us normal folks could have predicted fewer sales as fewer systems were to be found.

Sales of the PlayStation 3 console during its first full week of availability in Japan were sharply lower than those during the two days immediately following its launch, according to estimates published this week.

. . .

The sharply lower number of consoles sold is likely due to tight supply of the machines.

And there you have it. So if you are taking a course in economics, you might want to ask your professor if sales are likely to go down as supply goes down. It seems this is a trend that might hold true in other markets, and we’d hate to see you surprised in other markets.

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Day of the ninja

Whoa! I almost let this one pass. By the time most of you read this, it might be too late, and many of you may well die before ever having the chance to prepare for this, but December 5th is the Official Day of the Ninja. Now Ninja’s are nowhere near as awesome as pirates, so if you choose to skip Day of the Ninja and stick to only celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I’ll understand. However, I cannot guarantee the ninjas will share my generosity. They are a stealthy, vindicate, and deadly group.

It’s time for the Annual Day of the Ninja. Forget ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ Day. This will truly be our chance to show the world what ninja are made of.

As last year (and every year from now on), December 5th is the Day of the Ninja. Plague your co-workers with ninja-ness and wear a ninja mask to work! Got the day off? Run wild in the streets, or dress like a ninja at the mall! Just show the world that YOU ARE NINJA!

For the record, you are not ninja. And unlike the pirate celebrants, you can’t even manage to imitate a ninja. I’ve seen what you eat, and I know how little you exercise. To emulate a ninja, you’d have to get all totally martial arts-fu on that wimpy ass of yours, and that’s just not going to happen. So just dress up like a ninja and hope the real ninjas don’t kill you. Which is another reason you should only celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, as anyone can talk like a pirate. And doing so gains you favor with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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