Shocking story of the day

Thanks again to former cow-orker and sometimes commentor TimG for this story headline:

PlayStation 3 Sales Drop Sharply On Low Supply

Apparently, in the days following the PS3 launch, sales of the console dropped as available supply in stores went down. I guess sometimes those economists realllllly earn their pay. It is doubtful that any of us normal folks could have predicted fewer sales as fewer systems were to be found.

Sales of the PlayStation 3 console during its first full week of availability in Japan were sharply lower than those during the two days immediately following its launch, according to estimates published this week.

. . .

The sharply lower number of consoles sold is likely due to tight supply of the machines.

And there you have it. So if you are taking a course in economics, you might want to ask your professor if sales are likely to go down as supply goes down. It seems this is a trend that might hold true in other markets, and we’d hate to see you surprised in other markets.

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