I think my wife funded this research

Sometimes, you hear research results that you just know will get used against you some day.

Women can be allergic to sex with men, but doctors are finding women can overcome this allergy through regular sex combined with treatments derived from semen.

“It’s really a very rare condition, but it does happen,” allergist and immunologist David Resnick at New York Presbyterian Hospital told LiveScience.

I’ve often tried to convince my wife of the benefit of treatments derived from semen – I’ve heard it’s good for the skin and throat. She doesn’t seem to accept my hypothsis as valid.

One study from the University of Cincinnati of 1,073 women who sought information on semen allergy concerning their symptoms found 130 had the allergy. In some women, the reaction occurs only with one partner while others are allergic to all partners.

How do I get in the study to help the researchers find which of these women is allergic to only one partner and which is allergic to all?

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