The alphabet of manliness

OK, when I get a chance to update my Gift ideas page, I’m adding Maddox’ book “The Alphabet of Manliness” (or search Amazon for ISBN #080652720X if the link is broken) to the list. I recently got to see a few pages from the book and decided this is something I must have. Now understand – I’m not actually manly enough to live up to the book’s guidance, but I am at least manly enough to read the book without hurting myself. How can you not love a book that starts “A is for Ass-kicking” anyway?

maddox-manliness.jpgThe phrase “Ass-Kicking” has changed over the years from its humble origin as the union of one’s foot with another person’s ass, to the expression today that has nothing with asses, or even kicking. The picture at the beginning of this section epitomizes ass kicking. Time for a pop quiz: What’s more awesome than a lumberjack smashing Santa in the face? (A) Nothing or (B) All of the above. I gave this quiz to my friend’s wife, and she got the wrong answer. She kept asking questions like “what’s so cool about Santa getting punched in the face? That’s not cool, that’s mean.”

In the Ass-Kicking section alone, one learns the proper way to perform the cock punch (2 different styles), the dropkick to the face (no pansy tosskicking here – drop the target and kick the face), plain-old punch to the mouth, head-butt to the ovaries, and much more – all with illustrations. And yes, it’s a humor book, so don’t get too worried about the described content.

Buy this book for me and help me improve my manliness, which will in turn improve my natural awesomeness. It’s only $10 for a far greater return in my own greatness. Come on – you know you want to. 🙂

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