Hottie librarian or hag?

Bless Bill for letting the world know I’m not the only one who is into the geeky hot-chick look. Writing on his wife’s dislike of wearing glasses (and thinking she looks like a hag doing so), Bill notes:

I’m actually a big fan of the librarian hottie look, which is really what her glasses make her look like. She looks in the mirror, though, and sees something straight out of Macbeth.

And chuckles for the article ending line:

I hope she makes an easy, one-cauldron meal tonight.

Since I have no pics of Gloria, we’ll celebrate geeky hot-chick looks with an image of Lisa Loeb. I don’t know if Ms. Loeb is geeky, but she has the geeky hot-chick look so perfectly done that I just like looking at her. Mmmmmm, I love those glasses. So Eye Candy bonus post here.




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