Back home – sorry for no updates

Here is where I spend a few minutes rambling while pretending anyone who visits and reads this actually cares. I’ll return to my normal fluff and meaningless writing tomorrow when I have time to catch up. If you are visiting for the gaming/techie/political/humor posts I point you toward, you’ll want to skip forward. If you care about me personally, read on.
I have depressingly returned to my normal life after 4 days away. Saturday and Sunday I spent doing nearly nothing while hanging out at my mother’s house. I helped her with miscellaneous tasks around the house, but she really didn’t have much for me to do. Truth be told, I like going over to help around the house, but she seems to think I don’t, so she didn’t give me much to do. Monday we took the littlest for a haircut and a bit more of nothing. Monday evening I got to catch up with some friends from way back when I was less of an obnoxious jerk. Part of hating the return to reality is because every time I’m with them, I remind myself that for 15+ years I’ve wished I had ever had the right timing and/or nerve to ask one of them out. Of course, I never did, and now with both of us married (to other people, naturally), her with a child and me with two, I suspect I’ll never have the right timing or the nerve. It’s not made any easier to cope with knowing that her marriage is not exactly spectacularly better than mine. Apparently, this is the price I pay for being a jerk, an idiot, a doofus, and all the other things I’ve been the past 20 years that I shouldn’t have been – including, to the surprise of people who know me I bet, too shy and reserved around her.

And finally getting home and seeing my wife warmly and excitingly embrace our children and tell them how happy she is that they are back only to then ignore me sure didn’t help me stop wishing I could just go back home and try to work up the nerve again. Even when I made sure to give her a kiss, say hello to her, and ask her what she was up to, all she could muster was 6 or 8 words about finishing some article she is trying to get published. Believe me – this is what marriage is all about.

I did get lots of rest over the week-end. So I’m far less tired than normal now, which should help me get focused and posting again. I’ve got well over 100 web articles and sites I want to direct you to soon. Add to that a small handful of original posts I’ve started working on and I’ve got a serious backlog of posting to deal with. I expect many things will get dropped due to ongoing time constraints, but I promise I will try my best to get as much cleared and posted as I’ve marked for write-ups.

I don’t see much/any more travel before the end of the year, so maybe I will get caught up and ahead of the news for real this time, unlike the past 4-5 times I’ve said I was going to try to.

2 thoughts on “Back home – sorry for no updates”

  1. And all the time I thought I was your secret love! Just kidding.

    I think you are too hard on yourself. I remember a wonderful friend; who was a little strange but then again what good wholesome girl would spend the night all alone with 5, or was it 6 guys, anyway back then we were all strange!!!

    Your secret is safe with me.

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