Quick site update

Two things to post.  First, a reader told me that the “more” tags weren’t making posts expand properly.  I’ve put a new plug-in on the server for this, but haven’t fixed all the old posts yet.  Look for the problem to go away in the next couple of days – I’ve tested this and it worked properly on the posts I updated.

The other note is I am heading out of town for 5 days.  I will have limited access to the ‘net while travelling.  I expect to make some site updates, but probably even less than what I’ve done lately.  I have about 150 articles I’ve seen elsewhere or original stuff I’ve started working on that I want to get posted, but with my being so far behind, I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get caught up on all that nor how many of those I’ll drop due to limited time.

2 thoughts on “Quick site update”

  1. What the hell? Maybe a “co-worker,” “friend” or “buddy”… but just “a reader”???

    And to think that you wanted to spoon.


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