Air marshals given the OK to dress casual

This may surprise some people, but I think someone made a very smart decision here, even if it’s 5 years late.

The armed undercover officers who protect U.S. airlines against attack no longer have to fear being overdressed. They’ve been told they can ditch their suits for outfits that blend in with their fellow travelers’ attire.

. . .

Dana Brown, who has been seeking to improve working conditions since he took over as the agency’s director earlier this year, said that, as of September 1, marshals can choose what to wear on flights.

“The manner of dress should allow you to blend in and not direct attention to yourself, as well as be sufficiently functional to enable you to conduct your law enforcement responsibilities, and effectively conceal your duty equipment,” he said in a memo to air marshals that was obtained by Reuters.

The article makes it sound like some other unwise restrictions on air marshals are likely to change in the future as well. I say “Well done, Mr. Brown.” This is a good decision, and it will actually improve the effectiveness of the air marshal system.

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Dog arrested for extradition to Mexico

No, not A dog. This is about THE Dog. Yes, Dog the bounty hunter has been arrested by US authorities for extradition to Mexico. And if you still don’t know Dog, you should watch a little of his show on A&E to find out who he is.

Rita Cosby of MSNBC has reported that Duane Dog Chapman and two members of his bounty hunting team (one being his son, Tim & Leland Chapman) have been arrested by US officials. The arrest in in connection with the three year old case of “The Dog” going to Mexico and retrieving Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster. The Mexican authorities want them extradited. This is just absolutely insane. This is just plain wrong.

. . .

Cosby is reporting that Mexican government officials wanted the three men sent back there in relation to a three-year-old case.

In 2003, Chapman traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to retrieve Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, who was wanted in the U.S. on rape charges. Luster is now in jail, serving a 124-year term. The Chapman’s were jailed in Mexico for a brief time for the incident three years ago. Bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico.

Curious that they’ve already served time for their crime and are now, 3 years later, being sought for their crime. I’ll be interested to see how this turns out.

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Fed Gov’t to run tax money tracking site

If you’ve ever thought your tax money was just going to waste, our government has plans to open a web site that should show you how right or wrong you are.

The House on Wednesday passed by voice vote and sent to President Bush legislation to create a Web site that will give people ready access to information on the $300 billion in grants issued to some 30,000 organizations annually, and the roughly 1 million contracts exceeding a $25,000 threshold.

“It’s a great, bipartisan plan to make sure tax dollars are spent wisely,” said House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo.

Bush, in a statement, welcomed the bill, saying it showed the commitment of Congress ‘to giving the American people access to timely and accurate information about how their tax dollars are spent.’

And that’s a good thing. Of course, it will cost more to track all this money properly AND get the information on a web site. But this should make it easier for the average citizen who cares about government spending to have some idea of where it is going. On the other hand, the average citizen doesn’t pay attention to this stuff in the first place…

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