Ninja loves Pirate

With a name like that, you have to want it. The only thing better than a pirate ninja game is an undead pirate ninja game. I’ve just downloaded the demo for Ninja Loves Pirate, so I can’t say whether or not there are undead pirates or undead ninjas in the game, but since you’ve got the pirates and ninjas, that’s enough of a start to make the download worth it. More news when I get a chance to play.

Imagine a place filmed through a blurry lens, in a time when pirates roamed the seas and ninjas sneakup up, attacked and vanished into the night. Heroic quests and shameful ambushes being a part of everyday life. Adventure and fighting. Treasures and poison darts. Manly men being rocked to sleep by the endless rolling of ocean waves. Cunning knights of the night dressed accordingly in snug black pyjamas. A deep blue sae filled with small islands covered with dense jungles and coral beaches. This is the world of Ninja Loves Pirate. You better believe it.

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