Radical gaming ideas

This list started with mention of a game from a co-worker. His idea for the game differed from mine, but I decided to try coming up with a few games that matched my idea of some new games that I haven’t seen done before.

  • Fag hunter
  • You are a British man, looking for your next cigarette fix

  • Put that bitch in her place
  • You are a young test lab intern, and there has been a breach. You have to capture all the female pups used in lab tests and put each back in the right cage.

  • Work that ass hard
  • You are a farmer working hard to save the family farm. Your tractor is broken, so you have to use your old mule to try to maintain the fields and bring in the harvest.

I’m working on more, but these are the starting ideas I have. I could see a series of mini-games coming from this. Maybe a bunch of online Java games. Hmmmm, I think I just came up with a reason to learn Java.

Feel free to add any similarly themed games in the comments.

UPDATE (2006-08-24 22:36): Some more game ideas from one of my brothers.

  • Beat your meat
  • You are out for dinner at a restaurant that lets you cook your own steak. Before throwing it on the grill, you want to pound it a bit with a tenderizing mallet

  • Trim the Queen’s bush and pound it in
  • You are head gardenkeeper for the Queen of England. One of your biggest responsibilities is keeping the Queen’s favorite rose bush properly trimmed and staked properly

  • Clean up the seaman spill
  • You are a helicopter emergency rescue pilot. You have to get your team to naval disaster sites to rescue the men and women of the navy who are in the water. Some rescues take place in icy waters, giving a time limit. Other missions take place in shark infested waters where you get a mission bonus for saving a certain percentage of the seaman.

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  1. A man and his ho’
    – In your backyard garden you attempt to grow
    the largest vegetables to compete in the
    state fair and win the coveted Blue Ribbon.

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