Saitek tri-color keyboard review

(via Kotaku)

The folks at Gameworld network have a review up of the Saitek Tri-color keyboard.  It doesn’t actually have any special gaming features, so at $70, it might not be a must-have product.  But it’s shiny, and I want one anyway.


In the corners, the oversize feet extend beyond the outside edge of the top surface of the unit, creating a unique, symmetrical, horizontally stretched “x” shaped footprint. The overall style of the Eclipse II is quite attractive, but the true kicker, the defining cool-factor is the remarkable three-color, manually dimming backlighting. By hitting a button at the top right corner of the keyboard, the user can select between red, blue and violet backlighting. A twist of a knob in the multimedia control array can increase or decrease the brightness of the light.

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