The benefits of stupid air travel restrictions

Some of you may have picked up on my dislike for the new, moronic, worthless air travel restrictions imposed by the idiots that supposedly run the country.  Given how I feel about this, I tend to keep my eyes open for what is being said online about the whole fiasco.  So when I saw this post on upgradetravel touting the benefits of the new travel restrictions, I felt I had to share with my visitors a few of the positive aspects of all the changes.

The foiled terrorist plot may have made air travel more inconvenient on the surface, thanks to the new restrictions at airport security checks, but hey, it’s not all bad. After all, there are people on CNN hawking peace of mind (“It’s probably the safest day to fly!”). There you go! Let’s look on the bright side of the 2006 War on JuicyJuice:

– No liquids means less drinking. Less drinking means… Shorter bathroom lines! Fewer stag parties, or at least tamer ones. (Hmm… Maybe it’s time to short Ryanair stock?) And less unwanted groping by drunken passengers.

I’ll admit, I agree with this.  Given the restrictions on liquids, there should be fewer folks going to the bathroom.  This gives you more time to work on your mile-high club membership!

– No laptop or paper means no working. If you’re traveling for business, that’s time on the clock. Time that you’re not doing anything but stickin’ it to the Man. Ka-ching.

That’s right – you can’t take books or laptops, but you’re on company time!  W00t for using your time productively.

Anyway, at least someone can take a light-hearted look at the latest round of government stupidity.

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