I might be wrong on the air travel issue

I’m not. Let me just state that up front. And apologies again about the language below – I try to keep the site clean, but this current issue just cranks my frustration levels too high for me to stay clean.
There is a chance, though, that I’m wrong on the air travel issue. I’ve credited the whole ass-raping that travellers are being subjected to now to a government making decisions based on idiots running things. The fine folks at StecoNews have a different view – conspiracy. Now normally I pass on any conspiracy theorists ravings, but since I hold fast to my almost certainly untrue conspiracy view (which if you’ve been with me long you’ve seen me post on before) of the lies we were fed to justify the illegal war in Iraq, I’m going to post some notes from other conspiracy nutjobs out there. That said, here’s a few highlights from the StecoNews post title “London Terror Alert? A Skeptical Round-up” for you to ruminate on.

Several points make the whole affair seem unlikely:

  1. The Republicans are joyfully using it for political gain. Via (Phila Daily News)
  2. Officials have known about the threat of liquid explosives for years and done nothing. Via (NYTimes)
  3. Bush has been trying to cut funds for bomb detection at us airports Via (ABC News)

That’s half the list. You’ll have to check StecoNews for the rest.  I do want to point out that #2 is true, but indicative of nothing.  As I’ve mentioned before, the terrorist attacks have done nothing to increase our risk during travel, but only heightened our awareness.  The natural government reaction is to make a meaningless gesture which appears to be a positive security move, and suddenly acting on the threat of liquid explosives is just that.
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3 thoughts on “I might be wrong on the air travel issue”

  1. I kinda like the nutjob part, but take issue with the conspiracy part. I tend to be a little brief in my posts figuring the less editorializing the better. That said.. Let me clarify the point of the post: I don’t doubt that there was a plot to use liquid explosives and blow up planes, but I question its timing and use by republicans. Amazing how these things only come up in election years, and then later prove false. Like the plot to dismantle the brooklyn bridge with a blow torch. Or the homeless people in Florida with no weapons, money or connections foiled in their attempt to blowup the Sears Tower. The list just goes on and on. They stoke fear and try to make people feel like they’re actually doing something, but its only empty gestures like duct tape and removing our shoes to fly. People feel safer because of it, and that’s the stuff that gets me boiling.
    The media reports on the sensational aspects and ignore the rest as it falls apart. In the end all people remember is the “sizzle” and the message that there was no “meat” never makes it to them. I listed a few of the lesser reported aspects of this issue from some fairly qualified sources. If poll numbers are any indication, people are finally waking up. I could go on here but, I have a feeling I’m preaching to the choir anyway.

  2. Let me apologize for the wording. I really meant that good-naturedly, and hope you believe me when I say I did not mean any attack. I know some folks who read my site don’t share my political views. It’s easier for us all if I frame any talk that might be outside the view our current government wants us to hold as some nutjobs’ rantings. Even when I get riled up by the constant loss of rights and ever growing string of lies spouted to justify doing what our “leaders” want we suffer under the current administration, I still hold back from everything I could say.

    I appreciate your article, really, and have said exactly some of the things you’ve covered. I had planned on posting a link to the MSNBC article on the US government’s push on UK intelligence to rush this investigation, but felt it would be redundant given that you covered it and I already linked to your article.

    Like you, I know the threat was real. But it has been a real threat for a long time. If our government was really concerned about this threat, it should have instituted these changes sooner. If our government really was concerned, travellers would not be dumping all liquids into the same containers all within the airport. And from what I’ve read about the whole incident, it sounds possible that this plot would not have been successful, had it not been stopped, so the whole threat level escalation is more governmental PR to soothe the mewling herds (if you’ll pardon the mixing of metaphors there).


  3. No insult taken at all, and like I said “I had a feeling I was already preaching to the choir.” However as time goes on the “conspiracies” have proven true. Although I don’t think this gang was competent enough to create 9/11 for their own gain, I do think they are sleazy enough to use it.

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