Cool Tool – Fluke VoltAlert

(via Cool Tools)

The Fluke VoltAlert is a non-conductive device which beeps in presence of an energized conductor. As noted on the Cool Tools web site, there are other manufacturers of similar devices – with the Fluke, you’re getting a known quality provider, which is why this is the specific tool recommended. Some details from Amazon:

  • Quickly locate the hot, neutral and ground terminals in any receptacle
  • Just touch the tip to a control wire, conductor or outlet
  • Made of injection molded PVC & ABS that’s high-impact & non-flammable
  • Detects line voltage from 90VAC – 600VAC

Priced at $22.95 at Amazon. This product is actually provded by an Amazon partner, so is not eligible for free standard shipping nor Amazon Prime shipping prices.

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