A slew of animated kitty goodness

In my recent web meanderings, I’ve stumbled upon a huge number of animated GIFs and stills. I’ve been collecting these. Some of my favorites have been the stickfigure animations and the kitty animations. I’ll do a big post of some of the good and not-so-good stickfigure animations soon, but right now, I wanted to get the kitty animations in place first. Some of these are WTF is that? animations, some are moronic looking, and some are funny. You decide which is which for you. Hit the read more link below to see all of them.

kitty-boxer.gif kitty-attack.gif kitty-in-bushes.gif

kitty-gunner.gif kitty-attack2.gif kitty-football.gif kitty-freakydance.gif kitty-microwave.gif kittysleep.gif kitty-snort.gif kitty-zilla.gif

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