Our recent word of the day put to use

This Mental Floss article garnered from this Reuters report puts our recent word of the day to excellent use:

In one of the happier stories that I’ve read today, Reuters is reporting that a Polish man unintentionally saved a 110 lb. Saint Bernard who had been thrown out of a two-story window when he walked underneath it. The man, who was definitely caught off-guard (it’s hard to prepare for that sort of thing), suffered some bruises, and a little psychological shock from the incident. As for the dog, who’d been defenestrated from said window by a drunken owner, he seems to have escaped with nary a scratch (human cushioning will do that for you)! Thankfully, he’s been placed in a shelter and is destined for a happier existence.

Did you find out word of the day in there?  Keep looking if you haven’t.  There might be a quiz tomorrow.

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