Earth science picture of the day

Selected for display here by me just because I thought it looked good. The earth science picture of the day for July 27, 2006.

On Friday, April 7, the sky was exceptionally clear here in Bretagne, France, and I decided to go the beach to look for sunspots at sunset. But the sky was so VERY clear and the Sun so bright that I was unable to view the Sun’s surfa


ce. There was a show, though, atop the Sun, where several green and even blue flashes were visible. These “flashes” were extremely ephemeral and would appear and disappear in less than 1/3 second! Finally, when the Sun disappeared below the horizon, I caught this nice green flash. On my links (below), you can see additional pictures of this event.

Photo details: DSLR Canon 350D on Megrez 80/480 refractor,. 100 ASA, 1/4000 sec.

I took out the links the original photographer had to his page and just put it there in the quote. Check out some of the other good pictures he has there.

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