New gaming comic I’m watching

While checking hooked-20060718-clip.jpgout a recent Joystiq’s weekly comic wrap-up, I saw a link I hadn’t seen (or at least hadn’t paid attention to) before – Hooked on Polygon. Based on the first comic I saw, concerning Peter Jackson and the Halo movie, I’m going to keep visiting. The why and wherefor of this comic:

Okay so today’s comic is inspired by last week’s Denzel Washington scare. Apparently someone somewhere saw Mr. Washington and Peter Jackson having a meeting. From that single sighting, it was obvious that Denzel MUST be cast as Master Chief in the HALO movie. I mean, what else could they be talking about, right?

After reading that, I starting thinking about other scenarios little Petey Jackson could be seen in, and possibly transformed into a HALO movie rumor nugget.

Then I picked the best ideas in my noggin and drew them. It’s funny, because the panels that you see above look EXACTLY like the scenes in my head as they played out, except cartoon-ized. It doesn’t always work that way.

And I think that’s a pretty accurate portrayal of much of the blogosphere.

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