Assassin’s Creed 360 previewed

(via Joystiq)

Very recently I noted that Assassin’s Creed, once believed to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, will be asscreed360.jpgcoming to at least the XBox360 as well. has the preview of the XBox360 version.

However, as Joystiq notes:

No release date, general or specific, was announced, nor was there talk of how the game controls (an indication the CVG team likely did not see a playable version). This is another PS3 title that was once thought exclusive but now confirmed multiplatform. It could still be a timed exclusive for Sony, but to what extent is the company’s PR line (i.e. not concerned with exclusives) reflective of internal opinion?

I’m really looking forward to this game. That is, assuming I can ever afford an XBox360. My gaming budget is a bit less than it used to be. Funny what a wife and 2 children does to your financial priorities…

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