Dealing with bike tire punctures – add a second tube

This guide at Instructables has the simple instructions needed to get a second inner tube put in your bike tire.  If you’ve ever suffered a puncture while biking far from civilization, you’ll appreciate this. My solution with my mountain bike was to buy kevlar tire liners, but this is a good method to try, as well.  With a second tube in the tire, if you get a puncture in the first tube, you just use your pump to inflate the second tube and off you go.

Pictures are included in case the write-up isn’t detailed enough.

Drill a hole in the rim of the wheel for the second valve stem at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way around the rim from the original one. If your drill finds the going hard, start of with a small drill bit and gradually work up in size.

. . .

Things to consider – Drilling a hole in the rim will weaken it, ensure that the results of your drilling will be strong enough and avoid drilling directly opposite from the original hole creating a weakness accross the line of symetry.

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