Your wife lied – size *DOES* matter

(via Engadget)
This falls under the category of “Things Randy will never, ever own, no matter how cool they are and how much he wants them” but I didn’t feel like adding that category to the site, since so much of the “Stuff I want” category already fits there, too.  That said, check out the monstrous 103 inch plasma display from Matsushita.   This sucker does 1080p, so you know you’ll get a sharp picture.  According to the manufacturer, it has a 3000:1 contrast ratio, but given the lack of standardization on that measurement, I’d just say it has a very high contrast ratio and leave it at that.

As the folks at Engadget point out, the only display to come close to this one is the 102 inch display from Samsung, but you can’t actually order one of those yet.  So assuming you come up with the (still unannounced price) necessary money for this display, what’s it going to take to get it on your wall?  I mean, this baby weighs 473 pounds (that’s almost 215 kilograms for those using a more sensible measurement system).  I’m not even sure my walls would support that.

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