More potential problems for Sony/PS3?

I have not seen Blu-Ray nor HD-DVD videos, so I have nothing to say yes or no to this, but Robert Scoble is seeing techies suggest HD-DVD as the better format. What he has seen in the AVSForum apparently is making it to bigger tech news sites now. I should point out that at least a couple of comments in response to Scoble’s post suggest “WTF? Are you on crack” response from proclaimed techies. I’m just pointing out that if what Scoble says is true, then Sony may have just found an added hurdle to getting the PS3 as game console and center-of-your-AV-world device accepted.

I was hanging out on the AVSForum the other day and saw several posts from people who said that in their comparisons HD-DVD is far superior to BlueRay tests.

Today those posts are getting reported in CentreDaily.

See how the grassroots could be changing popular opinion?

And a snip of the Centredaily article:

Based on the first round of reports, the HD-DVD format is garnering praise, but Blu-ray is garnering almost universal scorn from reviewers and enthusiasts alike. Reviewer Evan Powell, of, commented of Blu-ray: “The image quality does not measure up to what we would expect from a high-definition source, and it certainly falls short of the hype.”

At the AVS Forum, home-theater buffs had even harsher reactions. A sampling of their comments: “There’s no getting around the fact that, at this time, BD is not as good as HD-DVD”; “I watched one and a half movies when I realized that they look horrible. … needs to go to the scrap heap”; “This has to count as one of the greatest AV disappointments I can remember!”; “I took it back after two days. … I just couldn’t justify keeping the Samsung when I considered what I’m getting from the Toshiba at half the price”; and “Too much money, too little performance. It went back!” You can read these and more comments under the Blu-ray player and HD-DVD player forums at

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