Good God, Microsoft image “viewer” is retarded

While looking over some of my pictures from Ireland, I rotated a couple of them in the Windows image and fax viewer program (a system on which I cannot load new, better software for this task, so I was using the default).  There was a warning about the image possibly losing visual quality as a result of the rotation.  I said that was OK, looked at the re-oriented image, and moved on.  When I closed the image viewer, I found my thumbnail images were actually updated/changed by changes I made in the viewer program!  Upon opening the images again, I see that they are indeed changed from the originals.
I never said that I wanted to save the images after roatating them, as far as I know, but they were saved any way.  Fortunately, this is a copy of the directory containing the original images, so I haven’t lost anything.  Still, even with all the stupid things I suffer through while using Microsoft software, I never expected an image viewer to overwrite an image after I changed the displayed image so I could see it better.

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