Month: July 2006

  • Another Ireland image

    While in Ireland, we visited Desmond Castle in Kinsale.  One of the especially interesting things in the castle is a room with something of a history of wine in Ireland and the contributions to the wine world from the Irish.  In this room was a stainglass window that I thought looked really cool, so I […]

  • Light gets tired, slows down – perhaps an old age issue?

    While some people might try to tell you that light is subject to the doppler effect, the authors of this article from the November 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix magazine know otherwise. The reality is, after travelling for centuries and centuries to reach earth, the light is tired, and slows down as a result. My […]

  • Stormchasing – images of awesome

    If you’ve ever wondered why stormchasers, well, chase storms, you have got to check out some of these images at ExtremeInstability. [tags]Storm chasers, Nature’s fury[/tags]

  • A fuel consumption and efficiency study in way too much detail

    (via MAKEzine blog) Matthew Vea owns a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.  With the horrendous cost of gas we all suffer under now, he decided to learn a bit more about his Jeep’s fuel consumption, where the sweet spot for driving is, how much gearing, cruise-control or manual speed control, air condition usage, and more affected […]

  • Sony warns of greater gaming division losses

    The writeup at ArsTechnica has all the gory details.  Sony has announced that the cost of some components for the PlayStation 3 have gone up.  After a US$231 loss for the division last quarter, Sony is warning of a greater loss than originally expected around the PlayStation 3 launch. According to Merrill Lynch Japan, such […]

  • City of Heroes lore

    This one is completely, totally, and unashamedly for City of Heroes players only. If you don’t play City of Heroes, please go to the next post, as this will mean nothing to you. Now, for the three of you that get to this section, if you want to know more of the lore of City […]

  • Which is better

    In an effort to determine the best thing ever, the creator of webcomic xkcd has started the site  The format is pretty simple – you are asked which is better and given two buttons with choices on them.  Click one to vote which is better.  As an example, here are a few of the […]

  • Lemmings

    (via Neatorama) Some days are just like this. [tags]Neatorama, Good morning lemmings, lemmings[/tags]

  • The Star Trek future comes ever closer

    (via Engadget) This new gadget might sound totally fake, but it is a real product (or soon will be). Prepare in the future to have your bones repaired via ultrasonic bone stimulation from the EXOGEN 4000+ Bone Healing System! Smith & Nephew’s (NYSE: SNN, LSE: SN) Orthopaedic Trauma & Clinical Therapies division today announced FDA […]

  • Server move recovery status

    I am close to having all the images back in place.  While going back and restoring images to old posts, I’ve cleaned up some old errors in posts, some dating back to February.  So if you are visiting via a feedreader (Bloglines, My Yahoo!, or any other), you may see a lot of old posts […]

  • An accurate portrayal of MySpace?

    Score another hit for xkcd, I think. Here’s a portrayal of MySpace from the comic master at  Pretty much sums up what I’ve seen when I’ve visited.   [tags]MySpace, xkcd, Comics[/tags]

  • One doesn’t just walk in to Mortor

    Yes, I know that’s not the right spelling. Just watch the video. Trust me on this one. [tags]LotR, Mortor, Mordor, Lord of the Rings, One does not simply walk[/tags]