Server move recovery status

I am close to having all the images back in place.  While going back and restoring images to old posts, I’ve cleaned up some old errors in posts, some dating back to February.  So if you are visiting via a feedreader (Bloglines, My Yahoo!, or any other), you may see a lot of old posts showing up again because of edits.  Please bear with me over the next few days as I recover from this downtime and server move.

By the way, I finally received a response from my previous webhost’s 24×7 support staff, 44 hours after I filed a support ticket for my unreachable web site.  The answer was I had some sleeping SQL processes that were taking up an unusually high percentage of available CPU time, or something like that.  Since the only abnormal thing I had done that day was a complete database dump via php_myadmin, I have to assume something in the database dump caused the problem.  I really have no idea what it was, though – maybe someone out there brighter than I am can tell me?

So, with a large portion of the cleanup from the move behind me, we’ll celebrate with a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its headrabbit_pancake.jpg.  Thanks for stopping by.  Now I have to start my work to gain visitors again – after hitting 200+ unique visits a day for the past couple of weeks, after the crash I’m down to under 100 unique visits today, and only 16 yesterday.  Hopefully some of that is DNS propagation, but I fear some of it is lost regular visitors.  Now that I’m mostly recovered, though, I’ll work on getting more articles up and start trying to get visitors again.  Hugs all around.