Jiffy-Lube busted — Charged for work not done

(via The Consumerist)

NBC4 in LA took a car to 9 different Jiffy-Lubes for work. At 6 of those stores, charges were imposed for work that was never done. To their credit, the top folks at Jiffy-Lube have fired mechanics at the stores in question and installed cameras in the work area at 31 area sites so customers can see what is going on.

After our investigation, dozens of customers … (emailed to say they) wondered if the same thing had happened to them.

TO ease those concerns, Jiffy Lube says it’s installing video cameras in 31 Los Angeles area stores so customers can make sure repairs are really getting done.

Jiffy Lube has also terminated six employees we caught on tape, including one employee at the Encino store who sold us a new fuel filter but later admitted to the district manager that the work was not done.

Also gone is the district manager, Steven Ayoub, who denied his identity when I tried to question him.

This is now the third time in three years that Jiffy Lube told us it was cleaning up its act.

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