Industrial strength dance pad (think DDR here)

(via Hack-A-Day)

Invent Geek has posted a really high quality (and quite honestly, good looking) dance pad.  It is built for the XBox version of DDR, but with an XBox to USB adapter, it should work on a PC.  From the information available so far, build time looks to be just half an hour or so.  The big downside to this is the $250-$1000 cost (not really sure why such a large range, though).  I have a decent non-metal dance pad for my DDR gaming, but I’m seriously considering trying to build one of these.  Of course, my wife doesn’t know that yet.

With the introduction of the dancing gaming systems here in the states there has been huge growth with in the community. The problem that anyone who is truly interested in the fitness gaming revolution will face at some time is the gross difference between the home console and arcade dance pad quality. Even the super high end home use dance pads that cost 500+ are not considered a long term or heavy use choice. So I set out to create a dance deck at an affordable price range that would even trump the arcade quality units. This is just the “prototype” and we will be putting up a full article with detailed instructions and even a full part list and plans for the final version that we are in the process of writing up now.

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