The real cost of hybrid cars

Another article, this one is about figuring what a hybrid car really costs or saves you over a guestimated lifetime. Also covered is a little information on how hybrids work. The punchline is that at current prices, with current gas costs and current tax incentives, the average consumer does save with a hybrid, but not a lot. The article is worth looking at, still, if you have any thoughts of buying a hybrid. After all, saving a little is still a savings.

There are four types of hybrid systems:

  • Stop-start: shuts engine off when the car comes to a full stop and would otherwise idle.
  • Integrated Starter Alternator with Damping (ISAD): has the stop-start feature and an electric motor.
  • Integrated Motor Assist: The functions are identical to the ISAD but it has a larger electric motor for better performance.
  • Full hybrid system: cars generally run on electric power at low speeds with the gas engine kicking in at higher speeds.

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