Comcast can’t tell what day it is?

If you love to complain about bad service, you really should visit The Consumerist.  I’ve posted enough stories from the site, though, that if you were going to visit, you would have by now.  So maybe I’m wasting bits suggesting a visit now.

Regardless, there is a new story up at The Consumerist that I particularly like, and felt the need to highlight.  In this tale, Jenna has a problem with her cable box from Comcast.  This should be easy.  One just needs a visit from a tech to replace the box (assuming, as is the case in this story, one can’t or doesn’t want to take the box to the Comcast office).  Being unavailable for an earlier visit, Jenna and her husband schedule a Saturday tech visit.  Only things don’t work out that well.  The techs show up Thursday night when no one is home.  Jenna reschedules for Saturday again…

I hung around all morning on Saturday waiting for a tech, and at 2 I called the Comcast helpline. The guy who answered looked up our record and said that we’d instead been scheduled for Friday and the tech had reported that…drum roll…no one was home. I explained that this was the second time in a row their helpdesk had been unable to determine what day “Saturday” is, and I was less than pleased at having wasted a morning waiting for a repairman. He said that he would put me down for a “VIP” call, which meant that I would be put at the top of the repairman’s work list, and he would get to me some time that day. So I waited the rest of the day.

No call back, of course, but another visit is scheduled.  Only it doesn’t seem to get better.  Poor Jenna.

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