Day: March 21, 2006

  • Further proof that next-gen optical formats are horrid

    (via CDFreaks) In case you had any thoughts about buying a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player as soon as the first such devices hit the street, please reconsider.  The first generation of these new hi-definition formats will not be fully functional: As HD-DVD and Blu-ray are getting ready for their launch under the interim license agreement […]

  • Verbatim launches undersized flash drives in goofy cases, claims people want less

    (via CDFreaks) CHARLOTTE, NC (March 21, 2006) – Verbatim® Corporation, the worldwide leader in CD and DVD media, announced today an exciting new storage solution, the Verbatim16MB FlashDiscâ„¢. The innovative FlashDisc is not only a brand new product, it forms the basis for an entirely new flash-based media category. Developed by M-Systems, the Verbatim FlashDisc […]

  • Newly announced Internet Explorer vulnerability

    (via Computer World) This appears to be very new, and hasn’t spread very far yet on the web.  There is a just announced security vulnerability in IE 6.0 that allows an attacker to run an HTML application without requesting user permission.  The Dutch Web developer who discovered the problem contacted Microsoft first, at least, so […]