Day: March 17, 2006

  • Watch ‘Perfect Disasters’ on Discovery channel

    (via LiveScience) I don’t know why natural disasters are so fascinating.  I guess it’s probably the immense power behind things such as tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and more.  Whatever it is, I think it will make for some good TV.  Be sure to watch the new ‘Perfect Disasters’ series on the Discovery Channel, starting […]

  • Swimming snake robot

    I’ve been on a big robot kick lately. I even subscribe to Robot Magazine and read the articles – yes, I do more than just look at the pictures. So when I see things like this swimming robot snake (with video), I am curious. As before, I still want my robotic swimming minions with frickin’ […]

  • Booting XP on a Mac – game over

    (via Hack-a-day) It appears that XP on a Mac has been confirmed, and “narf2006” and “blanka” have won the prize money.  A link to the download is available on that site.  I especially like the Hack-a-day response to this, though: With this new development the only reason not to run XP on a Mac is […]

  • Decode the numbers on the fruit you buy

    (via BoingBoing) Sure, this is useless knowledge to most, but it’s still interesting.  Some day, you might just win money for knowing trivial stuff like this. The sticker labels on fruit: The numbers tell you how the fruit was grown. Conventionally grown fruit has four digits; organically grown fruit has five and starts with a […]

  • Watch ‘Call Center’ the movie

    (via The Consumerist) A 12 minute movie about dealing with a call center.  Sadly, this is more reflective of the reality of customer support calls than any of us would like. It appears that Flash 8 is required for watching.  That’s a sad thing, too. [tags]Movie, Call Center[/tags]

  • 8th graders build their own roller-coaster

    (via BoingBoing) This is just really cool. I want to build my own roller-coaster. I’m sure my kids would like that too. And my wife would just roll her eyes if I suggested doing it. The truth is, I lack the space to build a roller-coaster, and I doubt the neighborhood association would approve it […]

  • How to make your own boarding pass

    (via Schneier on Security) Make your own boarding pass, and fly when you want.  It even works if you are on the no-fly list. The author doubts this can be used to actually get on a flight, but Bruce Schneier has written about this before, and it seems at the very least, you can trade […]

  • Another university puts course offerings online

    (via BoingBoing) Following the lead by MIT (I’m probably wrong on that – someone other than MIT was probably first – it’s just the first biggie I know about), The Open University is making all course material available online.  This means more resources for study for those interested in learning without the means to attend […]

  • Thoughtful write-up concerning airport security failure

    Here’s a good article by Bruce Schneier concerning how bad airport security is.  In particular, good security systems fail gracefully.  Airport security fails catastrophically.  What does this mean?  Well, when airport security fails, entire terminals have to be evacuated and re-screened.  I’m not saying I have a better solution, but it’s clear that this isn’t […]

  • Massive monitoring of a Massively Multiplayer Gaming world

    (via Schneier on security) This is just an incredible article.  The author talks about efforts made to monitor the goings on in the virtual World of Warcraft article. We live in a world where the technology exists that the government or other technically sophisticated group is able to monitor and analyze a substantial fraction of […]

  • Unenforceable “Child Internet Safety” bill proposed – likely to go nowhere

    (via BoingBoing) Here’s what happens when people who don’t understand the Internet write laws pertaining to the Internet. Senators Mark Pryor (D-AR), and Max Baucus, (D-MT) have proposed a bill that would require all commercial websites with material “harmful to minors” (in other words, sexually explicit content) to move to a .xxx domain within 6 […]