Turn your profile into a dowel

(via BoingBoing)

This is really something that needs to be seen to understand. But as soon as you see it, you’ll say “Oh, I get it.” Or something like that. Site turnyourhead will take profile and spin a dowel based on it.

Like this:




At Turn Your Head, we fill the space between two opposing profiles of your face. By spinning that space into a three dimensional “visage” that follows the outlined silhouettes of your two profiles, we create the “Pirolette”.

Place the “Pirolette” to your face and it will match your profile. Locate it near a wall and the shadow of the “Pirolette” will be your silhouette.

Your profile captured forever in an object of art. An optical illusion of shadow and light, each one unique because it’s you!

The “Pirolette” is hand crafted from American Black Walnut, Cherry or Maple and is hand polished to a natural luster.

I may have to do this for my kids.  That’s pretty cool.

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