Police intimidation in south Florida

(via boingboing)

This is an old story (early February), but interesting and a bit scary.  A police abuse watchdog group went to 38 police stations around south Florida to find out how to file a complaint against an officer.  Only 3 stations provided complaint forms.  Since complaint forms are not something police are required to provide, this isn’t a huge deal.  What is bad, and a bit scary, is the amount of intimidation the tester apparently encountered while trying to find out how to file a complaint.  In particular, one officer made a fairly open threat to shoot the tester.

Partial transcripts are provided on in the story, as well as a lengthy video showing the story that was on TV about the inquiries.  A few weeks after the original story ran, the officer shown on camera threatening the tester sued the television station, trying to block the station from airing the story and video.

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