Month: February 2006

  • Bizarre signs

    Now I can tell what this sign means. I know what the intended message is. But couldn’t they have done a better job putting this one together? That’s a really poorly illustrated ski-list instruction sign. See more nearly incomprehensible signs. (via Retro Thing) [tags]Funny signs, Bad sign design[/tags]

  • MAKE blog link dump

    So many interesting projects that I can’t write up an article for all of them. Check these out for some pretty neat projects. Web lectures on electronic circuits – A guide to simple and combinatorial circuits HOW TO – Make a copper pipe potato gun – Come on, who hasn’t wanted to build a potato […]

  • Oooops

    In trying to rework the site theme and change how things look, I messed up the sidebar.  I apologize for that, and will work on getting it fixed as soon as I can.  Until I get it worked out, the sidebar is at the end of the page instead of the top.  Ooops.

  • Depression Patch Approved

    Well, the folks covered in the following article won’t need this, but I’ll probably find a use for it, personally. WASHINGTON (AP)—Federal regulators approved the first antidepressant skin patch on Tuesday, providing a different way to administer a drug already used by Parkinson’s disease patients. The Food and Drug Administration approved the selegiline transdermal patch, […]

  • The Keys to Happiness, and Why We Don’t Use Them

    Yeah, I take anti-depressants.  According to this article, I shouldn’t need them. “Research shows that people who are grateful, optimistic and forgiving have better experiences with their lives, more happiness, fewer strokes, and higher incomes,” according to Easterbrook. “If it makes world a better place at same time, this is a real bonus.” Hmmmmm.  Have […]

  • Build your own lightbulb

    Building your own lightbulb this way is not economically feasible (the author estimates $50 to do one bulb), but it’s just so dang cool.  I may seriously have to try this out myself and then do it with my kids.  I think they have enough of my geek genes to appreciate the cool geekiness of this […]

  • Bird Flu Jumps to Cat in Germany

    Well, this can’t be good news. I haven’t kept careful track of the bird flu lately, but I suppose jumping species is never considered a positive thing. BERLIN (AP)—The deadly strain of bird flu was confirmed Tuesday in a cat in northern Germany, the first time the virus has been identified in a mammal in […]

  • Black hole flight simulator

    This is so unrelated to anything of interest to most people, I’m not sure I should even post it.  But hey, this is my bandwidth, and I get to put what I want.  So, up goes the story of the black hole flight simulator (New York times web site – registration required). The “Black Hole Flight […]

  • If I were king II

    People who listen to their radios so loud that you can’t hear your own radio when you are next to them at a traffic light would have their radio removed from the car.  If they want to get a new one, that’s up to them.  But another offense will result in another radio removed. [tags]If […]

  • Handy work gadget

    I could really use one of these. I doubt they exist in real life, though (but I could be wrong – I haven’t checked).  Click the comic for the full size image.

  • Repair your laptop display on your own

    I’ve never needed to do this to a laptop, but I’ve done it to a cell phone.  The process is pretty much the same, you’re just working with more expensive parts.   🙂 The worst thing that can happen to a portable computer owner – aside from having his wife or girlfriend leave him or his […]

  • Massively Multi-player Online Pong

    Yes, you read that headline right.  It requires Flash 8.  Join a game of multi-player pong. (via Blue’s News) [tags]MMOG, Pong, multi-player gaming[/tags]