Blogging burnout, returning a Blahg

Three and a half years ago, I posted a picture of the awesome and beautiful Alyson Hannigan then quietly disappeared into nothingness. I was burnt out on blogging. More specifically, I was burnt out on the deafening silence from the audience. When I started my Blah, Blah, Blahg, I did so as a way to keep track of interesting things I found online. It was for me. Then, I started getting a visit or two from the outside. I wasn’t trying to write for others, but I also wasn’t trying to hide from others what I found interested. If I wanted to do that I could easily have used or any similar bookmark tracking service.

At one point, I had gotten to other 1000 unique visits per week. That’s nothing to real websites, I realize, but to me that meant that at least a few people were interested in the same things I found interesting. But no matter how high my numbers got (about 3000 per week at the highest, which was a surprise to me) I hardly ever saw more response from visitors than 1-2 comments a week. That’s depressing. It makes the Blahg a site for monologuing and I really wanted a site for discussion. It didn’t matter if I posted about politics, cool cooking things, a new way to fold shirts, geek goodies, or anything else. People visited. People clicked links. I made a few pennies from Google ads. No one said anything.

I haven’t a clue if I’m returning now for good or if I’ll get burned out again in a few days or what. I want to share interesting things. I want others to enjoy what I find. But I also want to hear from people who find some of the same things interesting. So please, if you’ve read this far, and if you visit and find something I share worth a click, would you please consider sharing a comment as well? Getting feedback is a wonderful thing, and it goes a long way to alleviating burnout.