The World’s Sexiest Man (other than me)

People magazine has once again named the world’s sexiest man, and once again they somehow overlooked my qualifications that should have assured my winning. I don’t harbor any resentment for the winner, naturally, but I do feel I fare much better in the moderately-overweight, middle-aged man with bad habits. And that’s something I just don’t see Mr. Hugh “I’m totally Wolverine AND Van Helsing at the same time” Jackman “Oh, and I can dance and sing, too”.

He’s a triple threat: a star who can sing, dance and wield a weapon.

At 6-foot-2, all scruff and biceps, Hugh Jackman looms large in the epic “Australia,” which he says kept him “dirty 95 percent of the time” and left people stammering, “Oh … my … God,” according to costar Nicole Kidman, who adds, “Women’s jaws drop when Hugh walks into a room.”

The interviewer with the magazine goes on the ask him about such silly topics as the success of his marriage (he and wife Deb just are happy to be together), the secret of keeping passion alive (his costumes feed fantasies of affairs), and what he wears to bed (hey, you’ll have to look that up yourself). No mention of how he produces claws from his knuckles, nor how he gets through airport security without the alarms going off (is adamantium non-magnetic? I think X2 says otherwise, but that could just be poetic license). No discussion of his experiences as a werewolf, nor the pain involved in infection, transformation, or cure.

There is a mention of his new movie Australia, but I’m really not at all interested in talk of a fictional nation/continent on the bottom of the world, unless they at least film with authenticity and show everyone upside-down. Folks – the world is flat, and people would fall off if they were on the bottom. Really. What do they teach you people in “school” these days?

UPDATE: Images added

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