Dear Microsoft:

Please give me a way to save my default station and frikkin’ volume level on my Zune.  The damn thing has a hard drive.   Surely there’s a few bits of space on it to save that information.  And I don’t give a rat’s ass about the solid-state Zune owners – satisfy my desires to make this ultimate in poor design media player a little less phail.  Given how incredibly quickly the battery drains unless I fully shut the device down and lock the controls, I have to suffer a reboot and ear-drum breaking volume setting on a static filled non-station every time I want to listen to the radio or my stored music.

I won’t even go in to other problems I’ve found since I first complained about how bad this device is, but know that I keep finding things to dislike about the implementation.  Yes, I keep using it.  But I recommend buying a different player to people who ask me about it, and I’m kinda invested for $100 that I hate to just toss, because it does function as a radio just fine once I set my station (although there are bad choices in the radio interface, but that should be no surprise given how many bad choices were made with this device).