More on The Golden Compass and godlessness

While reading my science blogs today (note: my ever decreasing time since getting a real job means this leisure-time activity is becoming less available for me), I found this story about the godlessness of The Golden Compass and how unnecessary such redundant godless-message reinforcements are.

Slimy Sal Cordova thinks that being sodomized by horses is concomitant with “Darwinism”, and Joe Blundo claims The Golden Compass is superfluous as a recruiting tool for atheists because we have the video game Grand Theft Auto, some stupid sitcom called Two and a Half Men, slasher movies, Girls Gone Wild videos

More in the full article, and bonus goodness in the comments. I’m not an atheist, but I am an evolutionist, and leaning more toward theistic agnosticism as I age. I also feel a growing need to see the movie, just to find out how bad this message really is (and for the record, I’m going in assuming all the haters are blowing it way out of proportion).

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