Father of the year contender

For those that didn’t hear about this last week, here’s the tale of a father who recognized he was too drunk to drive home.  Wisely, he gave up his keys.  Wisely, he chose someone he knew and trusted to drive his truck.  Unfortunately, the designated driver was a bit drunk, too.  Oh, and a bit under-age.

A police officer checking on a truck that got stuck in the mud at a city park was startled to find a 13-year-old boy behind the wheel. The boy’s father, who was sitting in the passenger seat, told police he had had too much to drink and let his son drive. The boy had been drinking, too, police said.

Well, I guess the man can’t be a perfect model for wise decision-making.

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I’m still waiting

Got this from a cow-orker at my previous job shortly before I left. It really seems to match most folks’ experiences with email chain-letters.

I’m still waiting

I did what you told me…
I sent the email to 10 people like you said.
I’m still waiting for that miracle to happen

Yes, it’s a bit stupid.  But I like the pic.

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