Please – kill Sylar off for good (and other chatter)

So I really got in to Heroes last season, and I’m staying up-to-date (give or take 2 days) with each weeks’ episodes this season. I was so glad last season when they finally killed of Sylar. Now I’m so disappointed that he’s back. Worst. Villain. Evar! I expect he’ll be in the show the rest of the season, but I do keep hoping they’ll kill him off soon.

On a different note – I finally got a PSP last week. I bought the Star Wars pack not realizing it didn’t have a memory card (no, I didn’t read the box – thought Daxter and Star Wars boxes had the same extras except for the Family Guy UMD and which game was packed in), so now I have a game I’m not interested in and had to buy a memory stick. Bleh on that. I did just get the new PSP Castlevania today, and it feels goooood to play it. I’ve always liked the Castlevania games, but this one is a throwback to the days of my TurboGrafx and TurboDuo systems (which, by the way, I still have and which are still functional).

This one never was released in the US, but I did eventually manage to get an image off the Internet for it that worked on my (registered) Magic Engine emulator. I never played it much then, but I’m already playing it quite a bit on my PSP. It’s tough (but not Ghost n’ Goblins, Sinistar, or Ninja Gaiden tough), but there are lots of goodies and exploring to make it worth playing. It’s certainly not a dumbed down, anyone can win game like so many are these days.

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