Rush and those phony soldiers

Like many others, I heard about Rush and the phony soldiers comment. My response was approximately “Meh…”

Really – this is what Rush does. He says offensive things, trying to get a specific message across (in this case – soldiers opposed to the war are phony) while usually speaking carefully enough that if too many people get too upset, he can back pedal and truthfully say that he didn’t actually say what he is accused of saying. It lets his listeners and viewers feel comforted with the insults of those they dislike while leaving wiggle room for Rush to pretend he didn’t mean whatever gets him in trouble.

I would suggest to my (still above average and incredibly good-looking) readers that many well-known political commentators do this same thing in some manner, and most of their listeners eat it up the same with the ditto-heads do.

Yet for some reason, this particular comment really has riled up the Democrats. I am actually surprised at how upset many people have gotten over this. I heard his comment and promptly ignored it, thinking that the blowhard effect should push this away where it can be forgotten like so many other irrelevant comments. I suppose not everyone recognized meaningless hot air for what it is, and now we get wasted Congress-critter time so the liberals can finally play tough against someone in the whole war debate.

Thankfully, there is at least one source of commentary that took the proper action and made fun of the entire non-event to highlight how meaningless it really is.

Just hours after Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV, took the senate floor to call on radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh to apologize for using the term “phony soldiers” during his Friday broadcast, a newly-formed, grassroots veterans organization endorsed the senate majority leader’s efforts.

Sadly, I think the source of the story will cause it to be ignored in favor of more sites supporting this silly uprising to condemn a talking head for, well, talking out of somewhere else.

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