RandomLi – a briefer blog

Last year, I registered the domain randomlinkage.net, but never did anything with it.  Finally I decided to quit being a slug and start using the domain.  I present to you now RandomLi – a blog of briefness.

Think of it as an ongoing post of asides.  I’ll still be posting here, and putting the occasional brief news snip in the right column Asides category.  But at RandomLi, I’ll be putting one to three posts a day, each with several very short descriptions of news items and links out to those news-bits.  I’m building it to let me post the things I want to point out to others but don’t want to write much about otherwise.

There will be some overlap on the Blahg with RandomLi, just because sometimes I’ll post something there and later decide that I do want to write up more about it for posting on the Blahg.  As with this site, comments are open on RandomLi as long as I don’t find comment spam unmanageable, so feel free to reply there to anything that catches your eye.

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