Death Blossom

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Death Blossom strategy, which, sadly, has nothing to do with The Last Starfighter and everything to do with Sudoku.

This strategy is based on extending Aligned Pair Exclusion but uses Almost Locked Sets to make some clever reductions. From the components used it could be named Aligned ALS Exclusion but Mike Barker, who formulated it first in this thread, hit on “Death Blossom” because it starts with a cell designated as the “stem” which points to Almost Locked Sets, or the “petals”, and is a great deal more flowery.

That’s right – a Sudoku strategy given the same name as the ultimate weapon in The Last Starfighter is actually based on an advanced strategy for Sudoku seemingly (but not really) named after primates. And it’s an even more advanced strategy. That makes for some crazy ultimate weapon monkies, or something.

And the provider of all this Sudoku strategy awesomeness apparently has a new book coming out soon for more Sudoku madness. If you aren’t doing Sudoku, you should be – and this book could be the perfect introduction for you.

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