Threadless sale

Until Monday, Sept 3rd, you can pick up any shirt at Threadless for $10. They specialize in off-the-beaten-path designs, and have some of the most original offerings I can recall seeing. I may have to get myself an Original Gamester shirt.


Or maybe the birds and the bees.

There are a few others I’d like, as well. May just have to put together an order for some before the week-end is over.

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2 thoughts on “Threadless sale”

  1. What was that really cool old school video game shirt you showed me. Pac-Man or something? God I cannot remember but I know that everyone that saw it thought it was tits.

    BTW, I saw one of those T-Qualizer t-shirts down at the Memphis in May BBQ contest. It was really fricking cool. Of course I was half in the bag by then, but still.

    Well worth the $40. Even more so if you are an attention whore– and we know you are.


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