Dan talks tools

If you don’t have the right tools, you just can’t do the job right. At least, that’s the view Dan expresses in his tool talk for techies/geeks.

If you haven’t got tools – the right tools – then you’re not a geek.

Sorry. It’s the truth.

Let’s take it as read that you already know about screwdrivers and pliers. Even hammer technology is not beyond your ken.

Here’s some gear you might not have heard of, but without which your PC-fiddling toolbox is not complete.

So get there and find out just how lacking you are in geek-cred. Oh, and Dan’s Australian, so some of the links he gives for tracking down the tools won’t be useful for you, but he has the decency to give pricing in US dollars. Only fitting, since the world revolves around US (yes, I’m kidding).

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