When will I get to live the life my wife thinks I live

After getting my older son to school this morning, taking the younger one to the doctor, taking the younger one to school, coming home and cleaning the kitchen, fixing part of my lunch, cleaning out some of the refrigerator, stripping and re-making the beds, starting laundry, climbing into the attic to make sure the AC unit isn’t leaking any more, looking for my older sons Tae Kwon Do uniform, fixing my breakfast, taking dirty clothes from downstairs to the upstairs, caulking the bathtub, getting clothes out of the dryer, going back into the attic to see if my son’s uniform was in the luggage stored up there, picking up my sons’ clothes from the bathroom, taking things down to the basement to put in the freezer, finally remembering to get my breakfast out of the microwave, fixing myself a drink, and clearing away the junk my wife stacked around my computer so I could sit to work or play, I wonder just when it is I’ll get to live the life she thinks I live.

I want to come home from taking the kids to school, sit at my computer, eat breakfast, play games, surf porn and masturbate, and take a nap until I have to leave for work.  Especially the gaming and porn stuff.  Because that’s what she thinks I do all day.

So I’m asking someone who does get to sit around all day doing this stuff – at what point do I actually get to live this life I’ve being punished for?

One thought on “When will I get to live the life my wife thinks I live”

  1. First off you are exaggerating to sweeten your story. For isntance: “fixing part of my lunch, cleaning out some of the refrigerator, …, …, fixing my breakfast…” I know you better than that, this is all one thing. As you were cleaning out the refrigerator into your lunch box your breakfast comprised of the itmes that did not make it.

    And you sure are going up and down a lot. You sure you don’t have some NJ Whore in you?

    But here, let’s make this easy. Why carry dirty clothes upstairs? You have a dishwasher don’t you? As for the kids clothes in the bathroom– make him pick this up, seriously, I cannot ever remember being of school age and getting away with this. Plus a good beating is a wake up call. Or keep picking up his clothes and hiding them. After several “favorite” shirts disappear his way of doing this may change. If not beat him. Did I mention that before? Bah, no matter, a good beating is, well, GOOD.

    “…caulking the bathtub…”

    Is that what you are calling it now?

    “…fixing myself a drink…”

    And it isn’t even noon yet. Might as well go for a double and just get shitfaced

    “…aking things down to the basement to put in the freezer,”

    The wife?


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