Finally done

I know I’m late to the party on this, but I have finally finished the last Harry Potter book. Bought it release day, read one-third of it, then the wife took it to read after she finished whatever it was she’d been reading that week-end. After I got it back, I only read a few chapters a day – I’m not a reader in a hurry to get to the end. So I just finished it, and now my wife can talk to me about it all she wants. Seems she has been waiting for me to finish it because there is something in or near the end she wants to talk about but she did not want to spoil the book for me.

Since I am not bothered by knowing endings of movies or books before I finish them, I told her she could talk about it, but she wanted to wait. Guess tonight she will finally get to tell me whatever it is that she wanted to discuss.

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Bye mom. Thanks for visiting

My mother just left after spending a long week-end with us. Sadly, my wife was a real bitch to her. I understand why she doesn’t care for my mother, but she seriously over-reacts. So my week-end wasn’t nearly as nice as it could have been, but I enjoyed having my mother around and not having my wife around for most of the week-end.