Geico rejects claims from Optimus Prime

Here’s a look at what a letter from insurer Geico might look like in regards to claims submitted by Optimus Prime.

We have received your accident-claim reports for the month of June-they total 27. I regret to inform you that GEICO will not be able to reimburse you for any of those repairs.

. . .

Since becoming a GEICO customer in January of this year, you have reported 131 accidents, requesting reimbursement for repairs necessitated by each one. You have claimed not to be responsible in any of them, usually listing the cause of the accident as either “Sneak attack by Decepticons” or “Unavoidable damage caused by protecting freedom for all sentient beings.”

The list of some of the rejected claims is sufficient justification for reading the full post. The letter ends well, at least:

…but due to the high number of accidents you have been a party to this month, combined with the many accidents you have had in the preceding five months, your premium has increased to $235,567.50 per month. While that may seem like a lot, I remind you that it is a savings of $137 over Progressive and $98 over State Farm.

Pure gold. (via Consumerist)

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One thought on “Geico rejects claims from Optimus Prime”

  1. I saw Transformers last night and I love it. The violence was mostly robotic and my kids would have handled it fine………..but that one scene where the parents have a “discussion” with their son…….well I’m just not ready to have that conversation with my 11 year old until absolutely necessary, so the boys will not be attending this movie until 13, like the rating stipulates. My husband feels sure he is already educated on the subject. Meanwhile I am going to live in my dream world where he is still my innocent little boy. It’s not fair – I was almost out of high school before I knew about it – kids should not have to grow up sooo quickly.

    Sorry for the mommy tirade!

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