See, this is what Vietnam did to our soldiers

Ahhh, Vietnam. That much maligned military engagement from over a quarter century back. Not all the stories of Vietnam are brought out, though. Check out this tale of what one Vietnam vet recently did to another living creature.

A 62-year-old Vietnam veteran said he was acting on instinct when he strangled a rabid 25-pound bobcat that attacked him on his back porch.

Dale Rippy endured the bobcat’s slashes and bites until it clawed into a position where he could grab it by the throat. Then he strangled it.

Rippy said it was clear the crazed bobcat had to be stopped.

Yup. That’s what Vietnam did to a man – turned him into a bad-ass. Some folks might read that and see 25-pounds and figure “Big deal!” But even a little 5 pound cat can be a beast that’s tough to handle in the wrong circumstances (ever try to give a cat a bath?). Mr. Rippy saw that the crazed bobcat had to be stopped, and decided he was tough enough to do it. Hit the full article for pictures of Mr. Rippy, the dead cat, and commentary from animal services. Hats off to Mr. Rippy – that’s a feat to be highly regarded.

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